about the facial mutations seriesthis series is an exploration of the things we show and hide in our faces. beneath every smile is a sadness. in every grimace happiness lurks....

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A rare Blue Ruin Event...
Together with LUPEC (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails), as part of their calendar of events for Women's History Month, we will be holding a one-night-only exhibit. We'd love to see all our old friends again and hope you will stop by! Rare Blue Ruin event

Saturday, March 22,

3634 Penn Avenue (next to the old Penn Gallery)
Who and what: Pinups by Isaac/Rullo--new work by Brent and Kim exploring the pinup styles of decades past AND the larger-than-life prints of burlesque gals from Pittsburgh's past. And come check out what LUPEC's special drink for the night will be!

Blue Ruin Gallery (2000-2006) was Pittsburgh's one and only erotic art gallery. While the physical location has been shuttered, BRG still occasionally holds shows and events in various PittsburghIn my skin postcard venues. Blue Ruin Gallery curated In My Skin: Self-Portraits January 6-29, 2006, at Brew House Space 101. Check out the online Gallery here.



For six years Blue Ruin Gallery showed a wide varity of artists from across the country and from right here in Pittsburgh. Check out the old art (and maybe some surprises) in art | about | press

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