The City Laid Bare: The Pittsburgh Nude Project
Pittsburghers lay bare exactly what is at the heart of the city, what makes it unique—themselves—in this first exhibition from The Pittsburgh Nude Project, opening Saturday, June 4, 2005 at Blue Ruin Gallery.

The Pittsburgh Nude Project is the collaborative effort of two Pittsburgh natives, photographers Kim Rullo and Brent Isaac, who initiated the project as a means to “capture the essence” of the people who inhabit this region. At the heart of this endeavor is the quest for identity as it seeks to answer the question: Is identity really who we are or merely a means to an end?

A variety of models serve as subjects in this project, and span differences in location, background, age, shape, profession, and gender. While they were photographed nude as a way to capture a part of the person they are—or who they believe they are—this also conveys the sense of vulnerability that is a part of sharing your true self. As such, the models played a more active role in this process than merely subject. Through detailed interviews they revealed much about themselves to the artists, and they also helped to provide ideas for or design photo shoots that would best express their perception of self.

The heart of this exhibit is traditional framed photographs exploring the landscape, artistry, and beauty of the human body while also revealing the private personas of the models. The PNP also includes writings about identity, an audio collage of the models’ answers to identity questions, and a multimedia presentation combining these aspects of the project. All will be featured in the opening night exhibit.

Brent Isaac is a Pittsburgh photographer who has photographed many unique Pittsburghers, including Joe Negri, Dwayne Dolphin, and Ken Karsh. He has worked in production for WQED/WQEX, Family Communications, Inc., and filmmaker Tony Buba. He has also worked as a photographer’s assistant for Archie Carpenter and as the primary website and print graphic designer for CAE Productions. He has a BFA in film production from Point Park College.

Kim Rullo is a local freelance graphic designer and photographer who has worked, designed, and photographed for several companies throughout the region, including the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, the American String Teacher Journal, Carson Publishing, Inc., Clear Channel Entertainment, and the Pittsburgh Radio and Television Club. She has a BA in journalism and communications from Point Park College.